The soot blower comprises fixed and moving components. The movable head supporting the lance travels on a fixed guide-support. The lance is a retractable, telescopic type provided with two end nozzles.
On the front, fixed part of the soot blower, are the electric motor, with its reduction gear, flanged steam inlet, with relevant counter-flange, the blower steam valve, and the hand-wheel for emergency operation. Between the flange of the blower steam valve and the counter-flange could be inserted a calibrated diaphragm to reduce pressure steam in the lance of the soot blower.
The blower is also equipped with a wall support, as shown on the enclosed drawing, limit switches, and supporting lugs.


This type of soot blower results:
• easy to install;
• simple to maintain;
• safe and reliable.

Retractable sootblower


This sootblower is designed for effective cleaning of heating surface in elevated gas temperature zones of heat exchangers.

Installation type
• Fired heater
• CO boiler
• Waste heat recovery boiler

Technical data Operating sequence

The electric motor, through a reduction gearbox, induces translation and rotary motion in the lance. The lance is mounted in a travelling carriage assembly which is driven by a screw with translation generated directly through nut screw and rotary motion generated through the carriage gearbox. When the lance advances sufficiently for the nozzle to entrance in the boiler cavity, the supply valve is opened automatically and blowing starts. At the furthest extent of travel the carriage trips a limit switch which reverses the mechanism. When the lance is fully withdrawn another limit switch signals the end of the cycle.

Electric motor
One 0.37 kW 3 phase flanged mounted. Explosion proof specification available for hazardous areas

Material specification
carbon or low alloy steel, stainless steel or high temperature alloy (inconel alloy)

carbon or low alloy steel, stainless steel

2” ANSI 600 RF

Operating data

Blowing medium
Max steam supply temperature
Typical steam consumption
Operating time
Blowing arc
Effective blowing radius
Typical distance from tube bank
Approx weight



Steam or air
550 °C
1.0 kg/s
4.5 m
0.75 m/min
7,5 rev/min
up to 2.0 m
150-300 mm
(350+80S) kg
S = stroke in metres

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